Vegetables are an important part of healthy eating which has essential nutrients namely vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Eating vegetables daily form a healthy diet which keeps our stomach full for a longer time.

Intake of vegetables do not add more calories to your body and ensures the immunity power. Since vegetables have anti-aging properties, they ensure a young look and healthy feeling to our body. Vegetable consumption reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, certain cancers, and obesity.

Vegetables that you eat affect your overall growth as the contaminants present in them are harmful. To make it contaminant-free, it should go through testing. Vegetable testing services provide the basic nutrient composition present in it and also analyze the content of pesticides present in it.

SFTS is one of the largest and most modern Vegetable testing laboratories in Chennai which provides trusted analytical services. We perform complete testing of vegetables as per FSSAI and export requirements. Our FSSAI approved testing laboratory uses the most advanced techniques and staffed with the experts that can offer unique solutions. The solutions we apply to improve processes in product conservation and regulatory compliance. We offer a wide range of testing methods, allowing to identify any hazards before vegetables reach the consumer.